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My journey to Nutrifiedhealth

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Hello, I am Shruti!


 A certified Holistic Nutritionist, a wife, and a mother of two enthusiastic kids. I am passionate about nutrition, wellness, and Holistic health. I come from real India, where grandparents in the entire neighborhood shared one hobby: gardening. Growing our greens and veggies was both our culture and pride. Although I learned photosynthesis in school, watching a seed grow into a lovely sapling was first shown to me by my grandfather. Watering plants was one of our most essential chores as kids. Our summer fun included climbing on trees and making lemonade with fresh lemons and fruit salads straight from our backyard. We used to take care of freshly harvested paddy crops in winter, celebrate the harvest festival, and feast upon several fresh seasonal produce. And yes, We thrived on greens. Spinach, mustard green, dill leaves, fenugreek greens, and wild spinach (Chenopodium album), locally called bathua, were all an indispensable part of our everyday meals. Eating healthy has been part of our tradition. It took me to explore the world and study nutrition to understand how my food habits and culture are packed with goodness.

I studied botany in college and opted for biotechnology for my master's and landed in a pharmaceutical company, working in the research and development wing. I was in a high spirit, employed in an organization I naively believed was a part of the sovereign remedy for several sufferings. Soon, I discovered a new truth. I realized how companies are just creating a market for their products. A compelling fact that thousands of prediabetics are around and coronary diseases are skyrocketing is just a profitable new venture. Isn’t it unethical and pretty insensitive as well? Life isn’t a fairytale. But everyone deserves to live better without popping pills or being a guinea pig.​

I came to the United States and gained an opportunity to enhance my clinical trials and Biomedical regulatory affairs knowledge. I understood the entire process of development and approval of a drug. Although several regulations are enforced, and the rigorous process involved in a drug's event, many drugs approved by the FDA have several severe side effects, sometimes life-threatening or death. Aren't we missing some links here? Even the world's wealthiest countries do not have an efficient Healthcare system, preventing disease by proactively working on proper health and wellness. It primarily deals with Sick care, taking care of disease reactively. Moreover, it could be more cost-effective. While the country fixes the fundamental flaws of a health care system, it's an individual right to enjoy optimal health. 


Being healthy is maintaining a good lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, indulging in physical activities, and leading an active and enjoyable life. I found a path for myself. I studied Holistic Nutrition to focus on long-term health rather than providing a shortcut quick-fix method. Here, I emphasize nutritional requirements to prevent diseases and provide a customized dietary plan according to their needs. After all, being healthy is always trendy!

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