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Amla Carrot Shot: A Powerful Antioxidant

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I call it a shot because you do not need to drink this elixir in large quantities. A little amount goes a long way. That’s how strong amla and carrot together are. Amla (Indian gooseberry) (7) is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world. There are tons of research on this wonder berry that shows why amla is considered a superfood. This winter fruit contains antioxidants like vitamin C, gallic acid, phenolic compounds, tannins, fibers, minerals, proteins, and amino acids. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. (3) Amla is proven to balance sugar,(8) improve liver health (2), fight cancer(1), help in better digestion, relieve constipation, and lower triglycerides and LDL(10). Amla helps reduce acid reflux symptoms (9). It also improves heart and kidney health, and not to forget, it is magical for hair and eyes. (1)

Amla carrot shots

The nutrients in carrots include beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants. (4) Beta carotene in carrots lowers cholesterol, prevents several cancers, aids in weight loss, and is great for eye health. (5) Amla carrot shot is excellent for iron absorption. (6) It contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin A that help absorb non-heme iron sources. I am adding ginger in small amounts to enhance its nutrient content and taste.

Amla and carrot are both available abundantly in winter. This is Mother Nature’s signal to us to consume more of it in winter. Fresh Amla is not easily available in the Western world. It is readily available in the frozen section of any Indian store. You can also get it in powder form in online stores. Many people often drink juices after straining the fibrous part. It is always advisable not to waste the fibers as they contribute significantly to overall health. Adding black salt is optional, but it tremendously enhances the juice taste. I prefer to have this juice as a mid-morning snack.

Caution: Amla is very effective in reducing blood sugar. It is better to have a glucometer handy to check sugar levels frequently if you are taking diabetes medications. It is not advisable to consume amla immediately after surgery. This may increase bleeding risks. (11)

Serves- 4-5

Preparation time - 10 mins

Cooking time- 0 min

Total time - 10 mins


Amla- 2

Carrot- 2

Ginger – 1 inch

Black salt- ½ tsp (black salt)

Water- 1 ½ cups

Amla carrot shot ingredients


1. Roughly chop amla, carrots, and ginger.

2. Add all the ingredients to a blender. Blend it for a minute.

Amla carrot shot

3. Enjoy it fresh.

Amla carrot shot


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