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And the journey to well-being begins...

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Commencing my new journey during the pandemic is a bit overwhelming. With the many lessons life has taught me, this was unlike anything. The pain of devastating COVID-19 is being felt everywhere. But there is a light of hope amidst grief, pain, distress, and uncertainty. Life is more meaningful when people around you are happy and healthy. Hundreds of questions come to my mind when I'm bound to be within four walls. Have we completely lost the idea of being in harmony with mother nature? Is mother nature healing herself or finding her balance? How important is it to understand the power of a driving force? To live with justice and compassion, cultivate inner peace, practice mindfulness, recognize and respect your body's ability, focus on the positive relationship, love life and be respectful, and connect with mother nature? As her beauty is divine, her beauty is you.

The old phrase, "You are what you eat," literally says the crucial fact that the nutrient we consume provides the basis of the body's structure, function, and integrity. Food consumed by us determines the composition of every cell of our system. Moreover, it's a proven fact that diet and lifestyle have the power to change gene expressions. You can't blame your genes for obesity, coronary disease, etc. Many common ailments we see in today's modern world are driven by lifestyle. Good health and well-being never come by spending on supplements and medicine but by picking the right food, as many contemporary illnesses result from consuming calorie-rich, nutrient-deficient food. I aim to make people embrace a healthy diet and lifestyle by providing information, options, and motivation to eliminate modern illnesses. Approaches to managing health should be holistic, natural, and drug-free. I am genuinely delighted to be a part of your journey to upgrade your life and reclaim good health through Nutrifiedhealth.

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