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Beet and carrot juice

As they say, eating vegetables is a perfect way of adding nutrients to our meals, but few vegetables stand out when it comes to nutrient density. Beetroot is one of the honorable mentions. Beetroot is one of the most recommended plants for people suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Eating beetroot has many health benefits, including boosting a variety of essential minerals and helping organ systems work accurately. Any beetroot preparation is good for health, but juicing is the best way to retain its nutritional profile.

Preparation time : 15 mins

Cook time: 0 min

Total time: 15 min

serves: 1




Beetroot -1

Lemon juice – 1tbsp


1.Put all the ingredients in a juicer, juice it, and enjoy the fresh taste.

(Note- It is always advisable to drink juice fresh and not to store for a long time.)

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