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Healthy eating is a conscious decision you make to take ownership of your body, mind, and soul. Eating is not just an act of satiate your hunger, but it connects you to the outside world, contributing to your being. It gives you a sense of gratitude towards people who are responsible for our nourishment. Good health comes with eating real (unprocessed) food and not counting calories. What kind of food is best for your health? When this question is asked, you’ll find the most influential nutritionists, researchers, scientists, and Holistic health experts are on the same page. Food that comes from the bounty of nature, mostly plant and minimally processed, are the best food to eat. You have to make a wise choice and become a skillful eater.

In this section, I am presenting my recipes that are curated to attain the following measures:

  • Primarily based unprocessed or minimally processed 

  • Plant-based 

  • Delicious, nutritious meal with less SOS (sugar, oil, and salt) 

Let us empower ourselves and  celebrate our food.

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